Studio Temp is a design studio founded in 2007 in the small city of Bergamo by Guido Gregorio Daminelli, Fausto Giliberti and Marco Fasolini.
Guido, Fausto and Marco met as teenagers, and haven’t stopped working together ever since. Studio Temp works on printed media, art direction, visual identity and web design.
Scope of work starts from a first consultancy, set to establish clever forms of design that can range from art direction, to visual identity, down to website and exhibition design.
Working both internationally and locally, with individuals, brands and institutions, on projects that often vary in scale and complexity, Studio Temp’s main goal is to establish long-term relationships with its clients and partners. And help them build a solid, design-driven strategy.

Fausto and Marco have a strong, ongoing relationship with Mousse Publishing, being at the core of its design team, working internationally with some of the greatest contemporary art institutions, from artists to curators to museums. Guido is the head of the web department, developing tailored and progressive designs, as well as programming intelligent, responsive platforms.

We worked for: adidas Originals, The Blank, Fondazione Donizetti, GaMec Bergamo, ICA London, Lovato Electric, Mousse Publishing, Multiconsult, OnSiteStudio, Peep-Hole, Rivista Undici, Studio, VICE, and many others.

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Selected Exhibitions
— The New Italian Design, Triennale  Design Museum, Cannery Galleries, Academy of Art University, San Francisco,  2013
— Millennium Magazines, MoMa, New York 2011 (with Peep-Hole Sheet)
— Fai – La mano del grafico, Milan 2011
— Graphic Design Worlds, Triennale Design Museum, Milan 2011
— Quali Cose Siamo, Triennale Design Museum, Milan 2010
— Wonder Room, Alessandro Dal Buoni Curated by Studio Temp, Milan 2010
— Obscolescenza (With Tankboys), Galleria Vastagamma, Pordenone 2009
— Teach me 6: Very Very Stupid IUAV (Venezia), 2009
— Attraversamenti, Graphic Design Festival, Umbria 2007
— Coffee.N.Televisiøn, The Very Big Button, Bergamo 2007

— Università IUAV, Venice and Treviso
— Libera Università di Bolzano

Selected Publications
— Idea Magazine (Japan), issue n°371, October 2015
— The New Italian Design, Triennale  Design Museum,  2013
— La Mano del Grafico, Moleskine, 2011
— Graphic Magazine #18 – Workshop Issue, Seoul 2011
— Graphic Design Worlds, Milan 2011
— Manystuff #2, About Your Process, Paris 2010
— Farheneit 39, Ravenna 2010
— Etapes Grafiques #169, 2009
— Spaghetti Grafica, Milan 2010
— Progetto Grafico #10, Milan 2007

Studio Temp
via Locatelli 62
24121 Bergamo
T: +39 035 270436

Temp snc
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Identity archive
ArtDate 2016k

Identity and special project for ArtDate, a contemporary art event organized by The Blank.

Fiato Ai Librik

Identity for “Fiato Ai Libri”, a reading festival that takes place every year in Bergamo.

Atelier La Vaguek

Atelier La Vague makes handmade knitted accessories for babies.
We designed the visual identity based on the keyword « vague » which means « wave » in French.

Lirica Bergamo 2016k

Identity for Teatro Donizetti’s 2016 Lyric Opera Season, natural development for what we’ve done in 2015, based on the reinterpretation of the theater’s historical posters. The baroque frames of the old posters are stripped down to a simple rectangle with a single ornament on the top right corner. To represent each opera, we matched them with corresponding heraldic symbols: a chinese dragon for the Turandot, a lion rampant for the Lucia di Lammermoor, a camellia for La Traviata, as the opera is set in France, and so on. The font we used is Elisir Compressed, a custom version of Bodoni specially made for the Lyric Season. We also worked on a series of itinerant events throughout the city, designing a site-specific way-finding system.

Ruote Fierek

RUOTE FIERE makes unique motorcycles on customers’ commission. “Fiere” is the Italian word for both “proud” and “wild beast”. The identity is based on a panther (a wild beast), used also for the neon sign hanging outside the studio. Ruote Fiere is a project by designer and bike-customizer Davide Caforio. Website:

GAMeC – Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Bergamok

We designed the identity and all related print and promotional materials for GAMeC.
GAMeC is the only Contemporary Art Museum in Bergamo. It opened its doors back in 1991, inside the walls of a former monastery and later an army station as an extension of Pinacoteca Carrara.
GAMeC curators asked us to keep the original logo and use their institutional color, red. We used this limitations as the basis of the project: red and black plus a very strong grid system. We chose a contemporary, yet classic typeface such as Lars by Bold Decisions in order to convey the idea of a “conservative” renovation.
We designed posters, billboards, booklets and a wayfinding system.

Nascondino World Championship 2016k

Identity for Nascondino World Championship, annual event organized by CTRL Magazine in Italy.
“Nascondino” is the Italian word for hide and seek. In collaboration with photographers Marco Bellini and Linda Alborghetti, we produced the campaign shots, inspired by the concept of hiding, using a limited color palette. We decided to use the same three colors also for the hiding spots placed on the hide and seek playground.

Carib, Jamaican Cinema end Culturek

Identity for Carib, a monthly Jamaican Cinema and Music night.
Curated by Davide Giannella, illustrations by Yuri Kaban.

Lirica Bergamo 2015k

Corporate identity for Teatro Donizetti’s 2015 Lyric Opera Season, commissioned by director Francesco Micheli.
The identity aimed at a contrast with traditional stereotypes of lyric’s imagery.
We decided to use flat illustrations and bold typography in order to match the opera with current pop culture.
Photo credit: Maria Zanchi


The Blankk

When The Blank’s team asked us to re-design their visual identity, we started off from the very concept of “blank space”.
Our chosen typography plays around with empty blocks, represented by rectangular shapes, that complete texts in several different, ever changing ways. Then came the logo, represented by their initials followed by two “blank” rectangles.
Visit website:



Hoppy Fishk

Hoppy Fish is a street food restaurant in Milan, that serves great fish, together with artisanal beers.
We designed their visual identity, based on the key elements of their menu, that are: fish, and beer.
We incorporated both elements in order to create a fun, bold, pop yet refined image.
Visit website:




Identity and website for the exhibition space Peep-Hole, Milan.


Identity for the exhibition space ARENA in Bergamo.


Identity for LOG Gallery, Bergamo.


Identity for the European architects company RAD.