Studio Temp is a design studio founded in 2007 in the small city of Bergamo by Guido Gregorio Daminelli, Fausto Giliberti and Marco Fasolini.
Guido, Fausto and Marco met as teenagers, and haven’t stopped working together ever since. Studio Temp works on printed media, art direction, visual identity and web design.
Scope of work starts from a first consultancy, set to establish clever forms of design that can range from art direction, to visual identity, down to website and exhibition design.
Working both internationally and locally, with individuals, brands and institutions, on projects that often vary in scale and complexity, Studio Temp’s main goal is to establish long-term relationships with its clients and partners. And help them build a solid, design-driven strategy.

Fausto and Marco have a strong, ongoing relationship with Mousse Publishing, being at the core of its design team, working internationally with some of the greatest contemporary art institutions, from artists to curators to museums. Guido is the head of the web department, developing tailored and progressive designs, as well as programming intelligent, responsive platforms.

We worked for: adidas Originals, The Blank, Fondazione Donizetti, GaMec Bergamo, ICA London, Lovato Electric, Mousse Publishing, Multiconsult, OnSiteStudio, Peep-Hole, Rivista Undici, Studio, VICE, and many others.

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Selected Exhibitions
— The New Italian Design, Triennale  Design Museum, Cannery Galleries, Academy of Art University, San Francisco,  2013
— Millennium Magazines, MoMa, New York 2011 (with Peep-Hole Sheet)
— Fai – La mano del grafico, Milan 2011
— Graphic Design Worlds, Triennale Design Museum, Milan 2011
— Quali Cose Siamo, Triennale Design Museum, Milan 2010
— Wonder Room, Alessandro Dal Buoni Curated by Studio Temp, Milan 2010
— Obscolescenza (With Tankboys), Galleria Vastagamma, Pordenone 2009
— Teach me 6: Very Very Stupid IUAV (Venezia), 2009
— Attraversamenti, Graphic Design Festival, Umbria 2007
— Coffee.N.Televisiøn, The Very Big Button, Bergamo 2007

— Università IUAV, Venice and Treviso
— Libera Università di Bolzano

Selected Publications
— Idea Magazine (Japan), issue n°371, October 2015
— The New Italian Design, Triennale  Design Museum,  2013
— La Mano del Grafico, Moleskine, 2011
— Graphic Magazine #18 – Workshop Issue, Seoul 2011
— Graphic Design Worlds, Milan 2011
— Manystuff #2, About Your Process, Paris 2010
— Farheneit 39, Ravenna 2010
— Etapes Grafiques #169, 2009
— Spaghetti Grafica, Milan 2010
— Progetto Grafico #10, Milan 2007

Studio Temp
via Locatelli 62
24121 Bergamo
T: +39 035 270436

Temp snc
PI 03979800160

Book archive
GREEN ROOM – Oscar Giaconiak

This book has been realized in a limited edition of 70 copies (each copy comes with a signed artist edition) in occasion of the exhibition GREEN ROOM – Oscar Giaconia curated by Stefano Raimondi and Mauro Zanchi at BACO. A flow of images guides the reader through the exhibition. The map of the exhibition hall becomes a sort of crime scene.

Fabio Mauri, Arte per legittima difesak

Catalogue edited by GAMeC Books for the exhibition dedicated to Fabio Mauri. The catalogue follows the exhibition’s layout, and is therefore divided into separate chapters, as per curator GIacinto Di Pietrantonio’s idea.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, (…)k

Book edited by GAMeC Books, for Michelangelo Pistoletto’s exhibition “Immagini in più, oggetti in meno, un paradiso ancora”. The entire work of Pistoletto is narrated by this book, a collection of over 50 years of artistic production. The book is entirely black, even the book side, in order to make it look like a symbol, which was the final scope of Pistoletto’s  work.

Rashid Johnson, Reasonsk

Book edited by GAMeC Book, in occasion of Rashid Johnson’s exhibition “Reasons”. The book layout is inspired by the 1970s counter-cultural publications.
On the inside, we went for a variation of natural and glossy paper, in order to represent the existing contrast between Johnson’s counter-cultural background and his sophisticated artistic production.

Mousse Publishing
2008 — ongoing
Lovato Electric 90°k

Book design for Lovato Electric’s 90th anniversary. Lovato was founded in Bergamo in 1923, and designs and manufactures low voltage electrical devices for industrial applications. Their products are available in over 100 countries all over the world.  Since 2007, we have an ongoing partnership for their special visual projects.

All Saints Mod Holidayk

All Saints Mod Holiday is a yearly mod rally organized on the Italian Alps from over 20 years.
In occasion of their 20th anniversary, we designed a visual essay, composed by iconic portraits and interviews.


Self-initiated publication. Photos by Fausto Giliberti.

Un libro sul copy shop e altre storiek

In occasion of the exhibition “Graphic Design Worlds”, curated by Giorgio Camuffo at Milan’s Triennale, we were invited to represent the Italian section, together with some of our favorite studios. In order to tell our story related to graphic design, we decided to publish a limited edition book dedicated to our DIY process.

All Blood of Watermelonk

Catalogue design for Ferrario Freres “All Blood of Watermelon” exhibition at 27AD Gallery, Bergamo.

Goodbye for Good – Jerry Hsuk

Book design for Jerry Hsu’s photography exhibition at VICE Gallery, in Milan.
Preface by Ryan McGinley.